Willowland Farms is a family owned and operated farm producing the sweetest and best tasting fresh produce, including tomatoes, sweet corn, cantaloupes, watermelon, and more! We steward our land using water conservation methods and integrated pest management, which means we use less products to rid the field of pests and diseases.

Published: 02/15/2019


Originally a tobacco farm up until 1985, the Thompson brothers added half an acre of green peppers and half an acre of fall tomatoes to replace the flue tobacco acreage we were losing. This was the start of a growing enterprise for us to replace our tobacco crops. That fall, we harvested 600 boxes of the best tasting tomatoes. Guess what? This was start of our marketing business and we were serving 30 supermarkets at our peak. We upgraded our irrigation to conserve water and to grow better quality products. In 2013 we went in Farmers Markets and have been growing for them ever since.

Published: 02/15/2019

Our Location on the Cedar Creek Watershed

Our farm happens to be located at the start of the Cedar Creek Watershed. The Great Creek has springs starting at Waqua Creek. Our farm has no run off from our farm or other farms and we also have no livestock on the farm where vegetables are located. All of our irrigation comes from ponds on our farm fed by springs or rain fall.

Published: 01/23/2019